Some Tips for Picking Suitable Speakers for Outdoors

Much of the outdoor fun starts with having good music. Therefore, it is a good idea to set up some speakers outdoors. Just imagine your next pool party or grill party. Without music, much would be lost. However, the outdoor environment is fairly harsh and many types of loudspeakers are simply not cut out work outdoors. Let me give you some pointers for picking speakers which can sustain outdoor conditions.

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Rain and snow are probably the worst enemy of any type of loudspeaker. Moisture can kill electronics easily. If you install passive speakers then moisture may or may not do some damage. However, if you are working with active speakers or even wireless speakers then high humidity and moisture can do some real damage. There are speaker manufacturers which advertise waterproof speakers. However, before purchasing one of those products, it makes sense to visually inspect the speaker. First of all, the material of the speaker …

A Look at Different Audio Formats

When installing audio equipment, you will have to make different connections between different components. However, for different components to be able to talk to each other, they have to speak the same language. That means the format at which the information or audio is being transmitted has to be understood by both the transmitting device and the receiving device. There different norms out there in regard to transmission of an audio signal. I will look at some of these formats and give you an overview about the most common standards in the audio industry.

The simplest way to transfer audio is by using a cable. Consumer electronic components usually use a line-level audio signal. The signal is split into two cables for two channels namely left and right. The standard connectors are RCA connectors. The left channels typically marked whites and the right channel is marked read. So connecting an audio source with another device is …

How to Use Bluetooth Speakers Most Efficiently

Bluetooth speakers are pretty easy to use. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist in order to operate them. However, I will provide a guide of how to set them up and also offer some insights into how to use them efficiently. Efficient use will maximize battery life of your speakers and thus extend the time that you can enjoy them.

In order to stream music to a pair of Bluetooth speakers or even a single speaker, you will first have to activate Bluetooth on your phone. Of course, if you’re not streaming from the phone but from a computer, then make sure that you activate the Bluetooth network interface. You can do so by going to the system settings section and then look for network cards. Then click on where it says Bluetooth. Finally, activate the Bluetooth functionality. If you don’t see Bluetooth on the network cards, then chances are that you don’t have …